Support for new Archer c5 v4

You send me 2 files: ArcherC5v4.bin, and test.bin
I try flash it %-)

Mayby you make a mistake. you just flash the test.bin with using uboot .

sorry, this mail not from you?
--(screenshot is cut by not need)---
test.bin from this mail - flash with using uboot no problem. But have kernel 4.14.121
ArcherC5v4.bin - flash, but make bootloop with next start. and have wrong size.
may be I that the wrong understood %-(

yes,this mail is from me.ArcherC5v4 is tplink burning software,you can use a programmer to flash ,but can not use uboot ! I don't known whether if you get it.:smile::smile:

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haha! I've flashed into uboot - flash dump. a dozen times. lol. :rofl:
now I understand. %-)))
Thank you again.

it remains to wait until someone compiles the firmware with a new kernel, which will approach the packages from the repository. this version not work with usb-storage. %-((

You have to find the reset pin first. In Archer C5, the reset pin is the first pin of RGMII2. that means that you can't use the RGMII2 in Archer C5. To find the reset pin, set all pins to 1 until you lose connection in ethernet.
To change to RGMII2, just change the line in DTS:
pinctrl-0 = <&rgmii1_pins &mdio_pins>;

And disconnect rgmii2 from pinctrl.

can someone build the latest OpenWrt image and upload it and share the link :slight_smile:

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Once the serial console is attached and inside of uboot, can some do a 'printenv' and provide the output page is updated with OpenWrt 18.06.3 images

1 Like page is updated with OpenWrt 18.06.3 compiling instructions

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wrong links on *.bin - error 404

i change mac-addr.

MT7620 # printenv

Environment size: 152/4092 bytes

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LUCI is not working when i build my own image

if you need LUCI, then you need to include it during the "make menuconfig" part as several 18.06.3 packages are not yet built

Yes after doing also its the same....
can you share me your bin file

you can download it from here, files are under the "assets" label

I meant "openwrt-ramips-mt7620-tplink_c5-v4-squashfs-factory.bin" this file

And one more thing
I get this error

Require version = 4.14.128-1-1eb1a2182b5d9ff82bfeb1c413ce61f3,
installed 4.14.125-1-910ec34fb7adc7c3ff5a6b54c0c1202f

on ppp-mod-pptp install

thank you! I abandon it, new board change to use RGMII1 .

Either you have to be patient till the 7620 kernel packages are available in their final place or you need to compile it for yourself.

18.06.3 packages location "now"

18.06.2 packages location - ok, tnx.

  • error 404.


  • error 404. I installed a virtual machine with ubuntu, set up, with great difficulty (in our country is blocked by law) compiled..
the first 4 attempts were unsuccessful. fully compiled only "make" with key "V=sc".

and it turned out that the repository for version 18.06.3 is not on the server (error404). I fixed version in opkg settings manually on 18.06.2 - worked.

as the all of this a little complicated %-(

p.s.: benwht thank you for compillin instruction and all other.