Support for new Archer c5 v4

I meant "openwrt-ramips-mt7620-tplink_c5-v4-squashfs-factory.bin" this file

And one more thing
I get this error

Require version = 4.14.128-1-1eb1a2182b5d9ff82bfeb1c413ce61f3,
installed 4.14.125-1-910ec34fb7adc7c3ff5a6b54c0c1202f

on ppp-mod-pptp install

thank you! I abandon it, new board change to use RGMII1 .

Either you have to be patient till the 7620 kernel packages are available in their final place or you need to compile it for yourself.

18.06.3 packages location "now"

18.06.2 packages location - ok, tnx.

  • error 404.


  • error 404. I installed a virtual machine with ubuntu, set up, with great difficulty (in our country is blocked by law) compiled..
the first 4 attempts were unsuccessful. fully compiled only "make" with key "V=sc".

and it turned out that the repository for version 18.06.3 is not on the server (error404). I fixed version in opkg settings manually on 18.06.2 - worked.

as the all of this a little complicated %-(

p.s.: benwht thank you for compillin instruction and all other.

18.06.3 packages are missing from the entire OpenWrt website! what could be the reason ?

Huge thanks to @LGA1150 and @benwht .
Finally I am able to use Samba in my local (mostly Windows 10) network securely.

The image I've built has:
LuCI, Samba (ntfs & ext4 filesystem support), ddns, vsftpd, OpenVPN.
Tested everything except OpenVPN and haven't had any issues.

I felt the least I could do is share the image here in case someone else wants it:

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openvpn is working
btw thanks for the bin files

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Hi Leandro, I am Brazilian too.

Did you try this new firmware in a Brazilian version (Arccher C5(W) V4) ?



Olá WeberAndrade,

Acabei comprando o TP-Link Archer C6 v2, não tenho mais o C5 V4 pra poder testar.
Após o descaso do suporte da Tp-Link, acabei desistindo dele...

Vc testou?

Abraço, Leandro.

Not yet.

Maybe I’ll this weekend

Best regards,

Hello, guys.
I'm Brazilian too.
So, there is no TFTP recovery mode on firmware build 180202 and 180529. Both of them are factory versions here in Brazil.
However, TP-LINK has released firmware build 190404 (Agile Config 2.0 compatible) and the uboot has been updated. Now, the TFTP recovery method (TFTP server @, tp_recovery.bin, like others TP-LINK) works fine.
So, if you want to install OpenWRT you don't need to use the serial/TTL method, just upgrade it to build 190404 first and do the TFTP method.
Download the 190404 build here
To the non-Brazilians: test this procedure too, but you've got to ask TP-LINK for the new firmware, or check the TP-LINK website.

edit: if you want to restore the original firmware, remove the first 512 bytes of the firmware, save it as tp_recovery.bin and do the TFTP recovery. You can use this method to cross-flash firmware from others regions. The bootloader is not overwritten by TFTP method, the only way to replace the bootloader without TTL cable or external programer is using original flash update by web ui.


You can download the 18.06.4 image + LuCI (http only):

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you can also download the 18.06.4 image from here directly :

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Opá, boa noite

Eu passei o openwrt como você indicou, porém ele não liga, fica infinitamente piscando todas as luzes e não liga ele, saberia como resolver isso? Obrigado

Hello, I sent the image by tftpd, but the router does not start, is turning on and off all lights, would know how to solve? Thank you

Provavelmente, a imagem que você usou não tem bootloader. Essa primeira parte do firmware não é gravada pelo recovery, mas precisa estar lá para que o recovery ignore os primeiros 131072 (20000 em hexadecimal) bytes.
Você pode recortar essa parte do firmware inicial e colar no início do seu firmware ou apenas adicionar 131072 bytes de caracteres em branco no início do arquivo.

Obrigado, por responder, você consegue por gentileza criar uma imagem funcional para mim? não entendo muito de alterar a firmware, Obrigado

Eu consegui, obrigado pela dica.

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