Support for NETGEAR XR500

HI, I'm new here so I'm not totally familiar with how everything works. I'm looking to see if I can install OpenWRT on my XR500 if it's even possible. If it is possible, and someone knows how and could guide me or point me in the right direction I'd very much appreciate it.

Given that the hardware is virtually identical, aside from the larger flash and the different partitioning (and the different hwid) that comes with it, it should be trivial to add support for it with minor changes to the dts and image code.

okay im not totally sure what all that means..sorry im not that technically advanced. What all would I have to do to be able to install it?

You can't "install" it, there is no image for it yet and it currently isn't supported. But it should be similar enough to the r7800 that porting OpenWrt to it should be reasonably simple for a developer (which could be you) with the device in hand.

oh okay, thank you for that info. Is there some sort of guide I can follow to help me with that?

Hi, any updates to this? I have an XR500 and the stock firmware is awful. QoS does not work correctly and it has made my gaming go backwards in a big way. I don't want to throw out a $400AU router so open-wrt would be awesome.