Support for Netgear R8500 (X8 AC5300)

Is the netgear R8500 supported also known as X8 AC5300.
Because i see R700 R8000 on the list but not R8500.
And if it's supported where can i download the right firmware.
Thank You

I doubt there will be any support for it due to the use of Broadcom for everything

Hardware info:

BCM4366 is a fullmac design, which means it is supported by brcmfmac and should work - that doesn't imply that device (or NAND-) support will materialize out of thin air though.

Ok thank you and where can I found the firmware to upload, I didnt find any FTP server with builds?

There is none, please read the previous post again, and don't conveniently ignore the part behind the hyphen.

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