Support for Netgear Orbi SXK80

thanks for your quick reply. do you have description with which options in menuconfig I should build it. I tried it with selecting in System Target Qualcomm ipq807x, but under subtarget there is no Netgear to select.under Target Profile only generic is available. any other options to select?
thx in advance of your help and patience...

Hope this will help

That has worked. Thx for your support. some additional questions as tftpboot does not work:

  1. do I need to connect my switch to a special LAN Port from SXS80 that it recognize the TFTP Server or is it possible on every port?
  2. all LAN Ports configured with VLAN 1 and as access port. As I have on my SXR80 configured VLAN's. anything to look for when Vlans configured on SXR80, as after failed TFTP Boot SXS80 reconnects to SXR80.
  3. is it possible to configure ipaddr and serverip to other ip-adresses as my TFTP-Server is normally listing on 192.168.10.x
    Thx in advance!

you need an tftp server with ip
the sxk80 will connect to this ip and download the image.

This was done with this part of the docu:

bootcmd=mii write 0x0 0x0 0x800; sleep 1; nmrp; bootdni; boot_DNI_secureboot

Thx for your support! It has worked now! the fault was that I had connected my switch to LAN1(WAN) port. After connecting to another port TFTP Boot and flashing worked.
Additional question to clarify. after installing Luci I saw that there are many updates available including eg. ath11k-firmware-ipq8074 and several kmod* files. Can I update them without bricking my device?
is there something to look for before updating?

Hi, any further timeline when SXK80 will be also available in stable branch?

I'd hold off for now - it looks like these updates might be for the 6.6 kernel, but the current code was built against 6.1.

I'm going to update the repo in the next few days with support for 6.6 so that should include most of the updates.

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I'd say it's a while off yet - the pull request is still being reviewed. Once accepted the device will be included in the snapshot releases before working it's way into the next release.