Support for Netgear Orbi SXK80

Yep, I've got 3 vlans being trunked over a batman mesh via wireless backhaul on the 2nd 5G radio. The 2.4G and 5G SSIDs are also the same.

Thanks, I've just updated the instructions while the edit window still was available.

OK, I will try this

@Gul with the last changes in github the WAN port is not working (2.5Gbit Port)?
Port get no link on my switch, or pc lan port.

Is there any news for Wifi stability with the last changes and new wifi firmware?
Sofar I notice it make no diffrence if I use the old, or new wifi firmware files.

Thanks, I think this should be fixed after including a reset delay time in the DTS. The firmware for the 2.5G port has recently been updated and I'd missed this being added to the other devices.

I had Wi-Fi stop responding with the older 01385 version after changing SSID (same AP), so I'm now trying the latest version again. Until this gets resolved in the QCA firmware I think it will affect all ipq8074 devices to some extent.

I think I'm ready to create a PR for this device - the outstanding question I have which @Flole might be able to provide some pointers with is in package/boot/uboot-envtools/files/qualcommax_ipq807x the following is specified:

ubootenv_add_uci_config "/dev/mtd$idx" "0x0" "0x40000" "0x20000"

But some of the other Netgear devices in the ipq807x family also specify the value "2" for the numsec argument:

ubootenv_add_uci_config "/dev/mtd$idx" "0x0" "0x40000" "0x20000" "2"

In the stock firmware I couldn't see anything to suggest the "2" was needed but I'm not entirely sure of the purpose of numsec whilst looking through the OpenWrt code.

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in Kernel Log I found this:

mtdblock: MTD device 'boarddata1' is NAND, please consider using UBI block devices instead.

Is there also something to change?

That message is generated when reading the Wi-Fi mac address from boarddata1. As far as I know it's just an informational message - the only UBI device is rootfs when running OpenWrt.

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@Gul you use batman-adv and mesh. I try also to setup this.
But without success. How do I need to setup batman to user lan cabel and wifi mesh as uplinks with vlans enabeld?
Is it possible to connect lan and wifi mesh at the same time?
And still funktional if lan interface goes down?
VLAN 1 is untagged and VLAN 9,10 is tagged.
VLAN 1 is used as management and use dhcp to assign an ip.
Can you please share your config, or an exemple config?

I'll try and get an example config posted but originally I used as a guide. Might be worth taking a look and see if you can get the mesh up and running.

I'm only using Wi-Fi for the backhaul as can't easily run a cable between the two devices.

Yeah, I watched that video too, but it doesn't show everything and it's not for DSA devices either

I was able to get Bat0 to work.
When I use radio0 + 1 as AP and radio2 as mesh uplink, the uplink does not work. I have to restart the interface to get radio2 running.
So I added this line to the local startup:

'sleep 60 && wifi down radio2 && sleep 5 && wifi up radio2'

Now the mesh works via bat0 even after a reboot of the router.

Now I also want to add radio1 to the mesh and I can't figure out how to do that.
Do I have to add another bat x device and add the mesh to it? Or do I add the mesh for radio2 to the same bat0 device?

And if I need to create an additional bat x device, do I need to enter a manual MAC for the mesh radio1 interface? If not, the device uses the same mac as the other radio1 ap's.

Translated with (free version)

I found this for batman-adv mesh two wireless radios bonding
and this for batman-adv:

I use radio2 with channel 116 and 80mhz in us mode.

Hi all,
I want give openwrt on SXR/SXS80 a try. :slight_smile: .I found the installation instruction on GitHub, but I can't find "openwrt-qualcommax-ipq807x-netgear_sxr80-initramfs-uImage.itb" on the official openwrt download iste. As it should be already merged in the stable release, I'm wondering how to get the file already build.

thx for your help and support in advance.

It's still being reviewed so hasn't been merged into the stable branch yet. At the moment you'll need to build from the source at

I seem to remember I had to reboot the device when I first set up the batman mesh, it was a while ago though.

What's the reason for adding the second radio to the mesh? Is it for an additional VLAN or are you trying to get more bandwidth for the mesh link?

I want to add the 2.4 ghz radio also to get a faster connection to the network after an reboot.

I'm also using radio2 for my mesh backhaul - ch 108 HE80. Now you've rebooted your device what happens if you disable your startup script to restart the radio? Does it come up after a while?

Looking at the startup log, the mesh comes up around 80 seconds after powering on.

I will try again with out restart the radio2 after boot up the device.

I ran the test again and this time the radio came up on 3 ap's by itself

Great, when I first set my mesh up it didn't seem to work properly until I rebooted the device.

ok I play around and looks like the radio2 run in this problem, when on radio1 a dfs channel is used?
I use 52 and with this I need to restart the radio2 after the reboot to come up.