Support for Netgear Orbi RBK852

I have received a set of IPQ8074 based Orbi devices (RBK852) today. What would be a good starting point to play around with it a little? I already have a shell on the stock OpenWRT based Firmware but haven't opened these devices yet (I could do that though). Obviously my goal is to get a complete OpenWRT running on it but as I understand there is still quite a lot of work left.

Its not gonna be easy at all, there is tons of drivers missing and there are no networking drivers upstream.
Without experience and a lot of effort nothing will be done, there is a real lack of cheap boards so barely no development has happened.

I mean who would want to mess up their 1500+ USD kit

So you suggest that I put them in my cabinet with devices that still need some time (right next to the Meraki MR33 which was still lacking VLAN support last time I checked) and then take it out again in a year or so and see how the situation is then?

Look, I seriously dont care what will you do.
I am just saying that that I and most people wont really test and make the initial effort for a platform on a 1500+ USD device.

There is tons of stuff missing here, and those I listed are just from top of my head.