Support for Netgear gs308t managed switch?

Will there be firmware for netgear gs308t?

A very, very first glance suggests that it is realtek based - which is good, however that doesn't magically add support for the device.

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Thanks for letting me know, been searching for a long time about it :wink:

Take a look at the ZyXEL gs1900-8, same features, same price range, already supported right now.


Don't have money to spend for another switch, I assume I can still do vlans with oem firmware and my openwrt archer c7 right?

I have the GS308T-100NAS switch and it is definitely Realtek based. I'll be working on getting it supported shortly. You will likely need serial access however, as I've been unable to decipher the format of the Netgear upgrade file.


After further analysis it appears that the stock firmware update is similar to the GS108Tv3, so perhaps I'll be able to provide a ramdisk image that can be flashed directly from the Netgear UI.

oO nice nice, I too have the same model. Are you able to vlan with openwrt router with the stocked switch? I gave up and bought myself 300N-v2 to create my guest vlan.

The GS308T is identical to the GS108Tv3 according to Netgear's site - the only difference is that the GS108Tv3 can be powered using its POE port, whereas the GS308T must be powered using the power block.

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Can't afford to risk that or at least until I have a unmanaged switch that I'm basically using gs308t for. Otherwise I'll be living in hell when the family can't get their internet

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