Support for Netgear EAX15 (v1)


I own a Netgear EAX15 (v1) (Wi-Fi repeater) and I found that it is possible to flash a snapshot version of OpenWrt on the EAX15v2 :;a=commitdiff;h=32ea8a9a7e4b1319607ae398e9bf7d8e3c4cd756
I tried on my hardware which is the v1 but it didn't work. Unable to flash through the stock WebUI. It seems to be OK though NMRP but the device never reboots and when I rebooted it manually, it started on the stock firmware.

Is there someone who make OpenWrt working on this device?

Thanks in advance


The first step would have been, to collect as much information as possible about the device.

This is done with the OEM firmware, before trying to flash OpenWrt on it.
Worst case, by trying to flash the v2 image, you destroyed some essential data on the flash.
In this state, the device is mostly useless for adding OpenWrt support.

The NETGEAR_ENC_HW_ID_LIST part of that commit is what the Netgear bootloader checks for. Might be yours is a revision that implements a different version, you should inspect the header if your OEM firmware for that.