Support for Netgear D7000 (was: New Lantiq xDSL chipset)


Lantiq have come out with a new chipset and Netgear have released a new model based on it. The There are GPL sources available and they use a build system very much based on OpenWRT. It uses a 3.10.102 kernel which appears to have quite a few Lantiq specific patches so I guess porting their drivers to a current kernel is non-trivial.

It is the first decent device I have found that has integrated xDSL so it would be quite amazing to get this working.

The chipset is XRX500.

Anyone who has expertise in this are and willing to help. I can facilitate remote console access with remote reboot if required. I am will to pay for time spent?



I have got this Device for beta-testing. I can support you testing. Would be cool if there would be a modern modem router for vdsl.

GPL sources
i have closed source wifi driver and i can not give anyone

you can compile it and run this firmware without wifi
good luck

Hi Paldier,

Can I not compile the open source version, and inject the closed source wifi binaries from the oem image?