Support for Mikrotik LDF 5 ac

Hi @wwortel,

I saw you are having some trouble with wireless performance (1, 2).

It might be worth mentioning on the PR. Adrian will probably be able to point you towards someone with a good understanding of ath10k, and you also may not want the device merged (yet) if you are not happy with performance. Another hint to git fetch origin master; git rebase origin/master for your PR branch, so that you are not adding additional commits (Merge branch 'openwrt) to your PR.

There is an OpenWrt build config option that enables the ath10k debug options:
openwrt/package/kernel/mac80211/ CONFIG_PACKAGE_ATH_DEBUG
You will also need to set the debug mask value on device.

The OpenWrt IRC, or openwrt-devel mailing-list might find someone suitable. You do not get much exposure with a forum post buried in an old thread.

You might also want to look for who has made commits to ath10k and ath10k-ct in OpenWrt. You could email them, or tag them in the forum, or PR, to try and get their help.

If you are seeing that ath10k-ct has regressions compared to ath10k, the ath10k-ct developer may be able to help.

Good luck