Support for Linksys MX4200/AX4200? (same thing..)

Hi All,

I see there is support for the linksys WHW01, a similar model is the linksys AX4200
(also called the MX4200 when bought in a multi pack, weird I know..)

Any chance of support for that?


OpenWrt support for Linksys MX4200 still applies.

Ok, so that's a no for now at least.
Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.

Actually, just to explain my interest here.... I have a router given as a freebie from a different ISP to
mine and when I try to install the retail (non tied) firmware then I get an error via the web interface
of cannot install retail version so I was hoping to use openwrt as a stepping stone to be able to do that.
I'm a bit of a noob with all this, am I looking in the wrong place for a way to force install the retail firmware?
If so could I ask for a pointer elsewhere?
Many Thanks!

Depending on what the issue is, it might work by bypassing the webui, check if there's a

  1. Recovery web interface
  2. Serial console

Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.

The only recovery I can find is to do with the resetting the admin password.
Can't find anything on serial console either, not sure if it's the same thing but I did try ssh via putty
but didn't get anywhere with that. connection refused as I recall..

It's so annoying that I'm literally going to have to put a brand new router in the bin because I can't install the retail firmware.

I don't know now it works for the WH0301 (I think, it's the one supported here anyway) but if I could just install anything to get round the retail firmware blocker and then install the proper firmware...

I appreciate that they haven't made this easy on purpose since it's meant to be tied to a particular ISP, but it still seems a shame to just bin it and I found this site due to somebody having exactly this issue with the same ISP with their WH0301 and this site enabled them to install the retail firmware.

Here's the post I found on reddit:

You need to flash OpenWRT onto the router, these Linksys routers have 2 boot partitions. 1 is the main firmware it uses and the second is a recovery firmware. When you flash OpenWRT on the router you need to SSH into it and erase and then re write the firmware to the partitions that have been erased. After that you can boot into the normal Linksys firmware and flash the latest retail firmware onto it through the hidden fwupdate url. I do plan on making a video about it since my explanation on how to do it is probably not the easiest thing to understand.

Sounds reasonable, you "only" need an openwrt image with the same SoC, the rest is kind of irrelevant.
An initramfs would have been even better though.

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