Support for Linksys E2500 V4

You set them yourself.

It's better/safer to have them isolated, using static IP on the TFTP host, but hosting the TFTP on an existing network works as well.

You set them yourself

How? My current setup is the network cable connected from one of the router's 'non internet' cables to my pc's ethernet port. I have a TFTP server running on my pc with no firewall and have confirmed through local client that I am able to download the kernel image from it. However, when I do option 1 in the bootloader I keep getting timeouts. During this time my pc states that I am not connected to any network via ethernet. I think the issue is the ip addresses that I am setting, or the configuration of the network cable.

Ok lmao the issue was i had DHCP enabled for my ethernet interface. Setting the IP address manually to the one I set an env variable to instantly worked. Thank you for the support!

I made a tutorial on installing to this model here

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I have an E5400 but I can't seem to be able to choose a uboot boot option, it just defaults to You Choosed 3, even if Im holding down any other keys before startup and the usb ttl is showing that it is transmitting with its led

On the device page on the OEM bootlog it doesn't show You choosed line, but for me it comes up always and instantly on every boot

I seem to have Uboot from Aug 27 2019 instead of June 26 2019.

Either I'm doing something wrong or its now hardwired to always choose 3 on boot on newer FW version.

It looks like your RXD is not working. Ensure that you can write charaters after boot. You can also test line with a multimeter to ensure you have 3v.

A common mistake is minicom setting by default hardware control flow on serial, blocking send.

I kinda figured that my TX might be acting weird. I did also disable flow control, when I read on what is need for it. I wasn't sure if you were supposed to be able to write to the console after boot which I was not able to do.
However is there supposed to be a count down before the default option 3 is picked during uboots boot? It is still instantaneous for me. I see the options and the text that it picked 3 at the same time.
Idk I'll try and see if can get it to write to the console

My FT232RL has a 5v and 3.3v settings you set with a jumper. I had at 3.3v because the router board is also 3.3v (more of a safety thing because I was not connecting VCC from the usb ttl to the board). I switched it to 5v and it started to write to the console. I should be able to get it working now

Hi i have a e5350, when a try to flash the kernel.bin, fail over 15%, there is specific version to flash or rename the file or something?

Flash how ?

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By web, I got the firmware from openwrt firmware selector, I think those are the ones that are ready to flash

They are, but based on the link in the post, not by web.

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xxx-kernel.bin is not intended to be flashed but directly executed from u-boot, for a live environment.
xxx-sysupgrade.bin is written to flash.

Please use versions from official repository in folders release/targets/ramips/mt76x8/

farazkaleemmalik made a great tutorial, far more detailed than git commit log.