Support for JJPLUS JWAP604?

Hello everyone, I hope someone's interests. Is it possible to add JJPLUS JWAP604 in the supported boards?

In my opinion, it's still a great board.
CPU AR9342
Memory 64MB
Flash 16MB
2.4 and 5GHz with 2x2 MMCX connectors


I know that on the following page "" there are both the precompiled .bin and the code with the reference patches, but it's all frozen at 2015.
I tried to align something, but too many years have passed and my limited knowledge about adding a new device didn't help much.
With my current knowledge I can modify some packages, I can compile them, but in this case I'm having great difficulties, I think these are simple for someone who develops daily.

I am available to do any compilation and flash tests, and of course to learn.

Thank you.