Support for Intelbras AC 1200 RG

Hi everyone!
Bought the Intelbras AC 1200 RG router on a promo, looking for a gigabit overhaul on my home network.

This is a brazillian brand and I was hoping it is an OEM model from something like Tenda AC6 (very similar model), making, I assume, the support easier.

I'll be adding specs and images on the model.

4 x 5 dBi antennas
3 LAN Ports (10/100/1000 Mbps each)
1 WLAN Port (10/100/1000 Mbps)
Chipset Realtek® RTL8197FS + RTL8367R + RTL8812BRH
Flash Memory 8 MB
RAM Memory 64 MB

I uploaded internal images here:

I'm willing to lear how to create and mod firmwares for this specifc product, but guidance is very appreciated (not to say, essential).

OpenWrt currently neither supports the SOC, nor its WLAN cards, it isn't that likely to change anytime soon either.

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I was hoping for the GF 1200, same thing as the RG.