Support for HUAWEI WS7000 AX2S

Hello OpenWrt developers,

Is there a plan to create firmware for the "HUAWEI WS7000 AX2S" router? Or is there any firmware I can use for this AX2S router?

Cheers. should tell you.

Hello Slh,

I have reviewed the link you provided and also checked

Unfortunately, the Huawei-WS7000-AX2S is not currently listed. Therefore, I am attempting to clarify with the developer if there is a plan to include the Huawei-WS7000-AX2S in the future.

There isn't, and never will be.

@frollic, any idea if I can use steps from another router?

Only if you like high tech paper weights ...

Huawei use their own SOC 'HiSilicon' (cpu) - that has no mainline linux support and therefore cannot be supported.

Thank you, dude.

I got 3 of these routers, I was looking to install OpenWrt on them, but it seems that will not be possible.

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