Support for HUASIFEI WiFi 6 802.11 AX AX1800K

I'm looking to see if openwrt has support for the HUASIFEI WiFi 6 router. Additionally, I need help finding an openwrt firmware image for this router.
Here's the product link for reference:

it doesn't.

obviously, you won't find one here.

MT7621A is very supportable, if you can connect serial to your own purchased unit you can work out support of the device right here.

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but this router already use openwrt image.

I also tried to stop the boot process at U-Boot but was unsuccessful.

Please make text bootlog.
Can you log in via SSH?

cat /proc/mtd
fw_printenv #may not work if OEM made other tool to edit boot options
dmesg <- hide mAC addresses

no i cannot ssh.

log in to web ui and try deep links:
Enable disabled dropbear?
Start dropbear service or start (/rom)/usr/sbin/dropbear at boot?
Start it every minute?
Might be telnet(d) or inject some backup command, or restore static dropbear and crontab via config backup...

Also post "firmware update" link if you have one to "have a look" , also run that via binwalk yourself.

how i do that i'm unable to ssh and web doesn't have anything like this.

Copy paste deep links? You need to break through the web to execute any command. dropbear being a good start.