Support for GPON SFP FGS202

Sorry I was wrong, this IP was actually my host :expressionless:
So.. no I did not find an open port on this device.

I noticed your answer on the subject of MA5671A

Do you think it is possible to create a bootloader for FGS202 that would give us access to the prompt FALCON =>
It would then be sufficient to tape pin10 with tape and change the serial number without soldering.

No... the FGS202 doesn't seem to use Linux unlike the MA5671A which use OpenWRT

There are a lot of SFP modules on sale nowadays that better dissipate heat and are easier to configure. In order to achieve full compatibility you need access to MIB files.

The ITU G.988 specification defines them as follows:

A protocol-independent MIB describes the exchange of information across the OMCI. Clause 8 lists the managed entities and illustrates key relationships between them to implement some of the important features that may be offered by ONUs.

During registration in addition to SN and password, ONT also transmits Vendor id(SCOM), ONT Version(SCOMFGS202v1), Equipment id(FGS202)

#Managed Entity 256(ONU-G)
256 0 SCOM SCOMFGS202v1\0 00000000 0 0 0 0 0 #0
#Managed Entity 257(ONU2-G)
257 0 FGS202\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0 0xa0 0x5345 1 1 64 64 1 128 0 0x007f 0 0 48

More in-depth information in the document

For your firmware, it is possible to view MIB after image extraction 0x100000-0x2A0CE7 and endiannes change
user@SFP:~# xxd -e -g4 extracted.bin | xxd -r > reversed.bin
user@SFP:~# strings reversed.bin > reversed.txt

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do you know how I can add a GEM multicast to MIB file? I have an Alcatel-Lucent SFP but it doesn't do GEM multicast, I tried various value but without luck

Wow, didn't know this was caused by endianes, thanks!

on my FGS202, some multicast streaming works like udp://@ but the udp://@ doesn't, my ISP provided ONT works with both so I don't know what went wrong with the FGS202, do you have any clue? They use GEM port multicast

The new version of the firmware SCOMFGS202115 is distributed among French users.
Does anyone have an image of this firmware or a change log?

its working very well.

Thanks for all information , do you have HD picture ?

Alright... I got a job at an ISP and got access to OLT now... but I still can't figure out how to access the CLI of it from the OLT side, anyone have any idea? the ONT SFP seems to registered and dial PPPoE fine.

Yeah... I've been messing with it for a while and still couldn't find such option, it's a GCOM GL5610 OLT, a random branded Chinese which have no documentation, a pretty similar to Cisco CLI but there's next to no context help, there doesn't seem to have command to add Management IP or such...

Is it just an interface that the SFP ONT is listening on the WAN side? can I just bridge a PON port via L2 to an eth interface on the OLT and access the ONT CLI by the IP while plugged into said eth port?

Hey guys! Does anyone know if this works with EPON providers?

I think what I need to change to make it work with my provider is the MAC address and possibly the SN, LOID user and pass and PLOAM pass. I can desolder the flash chip and put it on my CH341a but I do not know what I have to do next to change the values mentioned above. Can anyone help?

EPON needs different management stack and has also differences in the physical layer. The chip in this device was only designed for GPON (ITU G984)

Is it a HW or SW limitation? Can the SW be edited to allow EPON?

No, the chip is designed only for GPON

Can someone please make me one image with ploam hex "20202020202020202020" our " " ascii ?
thank you

@centaur How do I find out the ip address of my FGS202? My copy of this module arrived yesterday from France.

I no longer use this module. I have since moved to another location where fiber connection is not offered.

The short version:
There is no way to log into this module from the LAN side. If you configure your computer with the address 192.168.2.x then the module should respond to pings to if provider has remote access enabled but will reject any attempt to connect via telnet. This is only possible over the WAN from the provider's side

There used to be a firmware version SOMFGS202A012 circulating on European forums that allowed access to the configuration but it seems to have limited OMCI protocol.
To upload it you needed physical access to the module and a flash programmer.
Now there are better modules available which have more configuration possibilities.

Since this module is mainly used in France, it has many active users and own thread on french forum.

Halo tl71,

Can you shed some light on the Debug and Trace Interface (DTI) that uses port 9000?
Are there any open source tools or information on how to use it?