Support for flashing SagemCom F@st 3686

Dear openwrt friends,

I am forced to used a sagemcom 'Docsis 3' router (see for HW detail following link ).
I don't want to bridge it but i am fed up to have HW at home with no configuration availability (eg setting up VPN on router and not on each PC).
Could you indicate me general step to flash it and configure dedicated image
--- especially backing up original image just in case :wink: ?
Nb. I have no issue with cross-compilation and soldering etc..

Thx in advance.

Broadcom is usually a dead end, openwrt wise.

I understand that with bmips it might be compatible based on this commit.

SoC support doesn't mean all hardware (like the cable modem/DOCSIS subsystem) is supported automagically. I'd be happily surprised though if OpenWrt would run on those devices as-is.

The modem part is the least interesting. There would be no problem if it cannot be supported by OpenWrt. In that commit it says that it is "fully" supported. I do not know what he's talking about...

If you don't need the docsis part, why are you forced to use it? It's the only part that makes it unique.

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No, it only says: This target has full device tree support which just means it is no longer relying on legacy platform data or stuff like that. If you would have read on concerning its status you would have noticed it to be seriously lacking feature wise...

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Because I already have the device. It also has good hardware from what I can see.

What a disappointment :pensive::pensive::pensive: Anyway, that was the first commit and it talks about the state at that time.