Support for Dlink DIR-842 B1


I bought a D-Link DIR-842 I want to use with OpenWrt. Unfortunately, it is revision B1 which is not listed as supported on the OpenWrt homepage.

Does anyone know whether the hardware is similar enough for the router not to be bricked if I flash it with the firmware intended for C1? Is there anyone using the one with revision B1?

I'd just try flashing it if I knew I would be able to revert to the default firmware in case it's not working.


Since I couldn't find any detailed hardware info on the B1 version: Would you be willing to open it up and take some photos of the PCB which allow identification of the chips used?

I didn't find any as well. Probably I should resell it and look for another one but now I'm curious. I'll post pictures of the PCB if it is possible for me to open the case without destroying it – it seems to be glued together.

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Unfortunately I am not allowed to upload even the compressed image with a size of 1.4MB, so I shared it via this link (all photos I've taken).

Maybe someone having the necessary privileges wants to upload it for it to be persisted as a future reference. I've also seen the documentation for this model. You may of course upload the image(s) to the DokuWiki if you want.

Parts of the chipset are visible. The main chip is covered by a brittle metallic layer which seems to aid in cooling the chip. If I have a matching heatsink laying around, I could scrape of the layer, but if it's not necessary I'd rather not.

Identifiable chips:

  • Switch: RTL8197DN
  • CPU: ??
  • WiFi: RTL8812AR, RTL8192ER
  • Flash: (BH1631) 25Q64CSIG

Is this sufficient to make a guess?

Bad luck: RTL8197DN = Lexra architecture = unsupported

See ZTE ZXHN H118Na (HW ver 2.3) - Possible OpenWrt flash for status (Feb 2019) and info collection regarding OpenWrt support for Lexra

Thanks for your time.

I guess I'll sell it. Maybe you want to add a note in the documentation (I don't want to create another account just for editing one page) – something along the line "Revision B2 is using the Lexra architecture which is not supported by OpenWrt".


I have added that information at

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