Support for D-Link GO-RT-N150

I got a d-link go-rt-n150 router which i want to put openwrt for fun (along with my dir-860l). I disassabmled the device and seems similar to DIR-601L A1 ( ) but memory sizes differ. On the board there is 8WRGN62..0A2G instead of A1G so might be later edition.

Anyway any help with finding a build to try.

update: board layout same as

Photos attached

Get the memory chip numbers and look up their size.

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as far as i can see

M12L64164A-7T - 64Mb
MX25L1606EM2I-12G - 16Mb

which should be enough

Those are megabits. So you have 2 / 8 megabytes, which is not enough.

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By far not enough, see

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The board layout is the same as but made useless with so little memory.

Thanks for your input guys, if required i can make better pics to add it to some wiki?

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