Support for D-Link DSL-3788

Hi, my parents just bought this vDSL modem/wireless router which looked pretty capable and cheap at about 50 euros, but the software is just atrocious. Let's just say it has a client-side check that prevents entering special characters in passwords!

There is a giant archive with the GPL sources at . It seems it is using linux kernel 2.6, 32MB RAM, 16MB flash , some realtek MT751X chipset, has sources for all drivers, firmwares are included and there is a lot of interesting info in the defconfig file. I haven't tried to reproduce the build according to the readme instructions, but it seems pretty interesting.
Unfortunately I can't disassemble it or risk bricking it as I am on the other side of the world right now.

Anyone else with this device? Does it seem similar to any other supported device? Is it a lost cause? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!

Rather looks like Mediatek, and not Realtek. MT751X suggests Mediatek as well (Realtek devices are usually prefixed RTL). 32 MB RAM is DOA at this point though, there's no future for those devices. The DSL driver is anoher question mark.