Support for D-Link DIR-320 A1

Hi, I have the following router 289 D-Link DIR-320 A1 Broadcom BCM5354 brcm47xx legacy but it seems it has no build bot firmware. How I can build LEDE for my legacy hardware? Is there any ability to add these router to build bot configuration so the release will be available for download on the LEDE site? I using now dd-wrt. Asking for help dd-wrt guys on to send me some of their "micro" firmware configs but wasn't receive any reply on how to shrink fw to their size. Anyway I could use some guidelines to try to compile LEDE as well as open-wrt using few guides on the internet in my qemu ubuntu server box and then pass firmware to the vm host system but its some kind long process and requires to me a lot of reading of arch wiki. Why I using dedicated vm for compiling any of wrt projects? The answer is simple I have too new openssl library in my system so make depend doesn't complete on my host machine giving warnings about openssl system library.

So in the end I using ready for use dd-wrt 14896 beta SP2 micro fw on my dir-320 a1 brcm47xx. Despite I using much time on these writing, is there any ability to revive build bot activity on assembling these firmware for my router? :smiley:\

PS. Thankfully I have make defconf workout on my host Manjaro Gellivara system and there is no errors with openssl library on configuring it...I am trying to configure and compile it with the help of some internet guide ;D

Here you have lots of manuals/wiki - lede is just newer openwrt so all should be applicable:

You should also read:

Could I just use standard-squashfs.trx?