Support for D-Link DGS-1500

Hey guys, I've got a couple of 20-port DGS-1500s (DGS-1500-20) laying around my house that I'd like to squeeze a bit more functionality out of. I noticed at least some of the source has been GPLd by D-link, but it's been a while since I've done any kernel development... Is there anyone with a working image for these guys, or willing to provide some assistance getting these up and running?

Specs (+some more):

To be confirmed if the DGS-1500-20 has the same specs.

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I'll verify the specs on my two devices once I get back from the office today - the GPL source link does get me to the appropriate source download page though.

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Ok, managed to get the case open & connected to it via Telnet (not very useful, it's just the CLI...) Trying to drop out of it into the OS underneath, but haven't had much success. I'll post some pictures of the boards & chips tonight (may be the best I can do until I figure out which pins on the board are the serial interface)

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Got some high-res photos of the boards, I'm uploading links to them. The processor (Processor), some of the accompanying chips are also included in this image, but are difficult to read. The Ethernet processors are here, and an overview image of the board is here.

Doing a little research yesterday, I also discovered that firmwares below 2.5 (I'm at 2.1 on mine) have a hard-coded password vulnerability, but haven't been able to find what that password is to log in and check the status using the onboard utilities. If anyone has any feedback as far as that goes, it'd be a big help in digging this information out.

I'm also taking a crack at recompiling their GPL source, but their build environment setup is missing several environment variables crucial to the build. I'm picking through there now to figure out exactly which ones aren't defined to set them up myself.

Went out of town for a while. I believe the system is a match for what's listed on the wiki, but I still haven't accessed the underlying OS to be able to match the cpuinfo and other information against it. I found what I think is the serial port, and am working on trying to figure out which pins are which, and what the baud rate is. Unfortunately, I don't have a serial debugger, so I'm utilizing an old 3.3v arduino I had laying around as a stand-in. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be open to them. In the meantime, I'll keep messing with the GPL source to get that compiled.

I'm not sure how much work it would be to provide a build for the information on the wiki I could try on the device, but that would be great. I tried to get a bit of information out of D-Link on the device, but they've ended support other than providing documentation links.