Support for Cudy WR3000

I've had three opses during last 24 hours. None of them led to crash, however i had two reboots yesterday prior to that.

I am running this router inside a fairly loaded network, with real traffic between 200-600 Mbps being routed between interfaces and cpu load up to 60%. The oopses/crashes seem not to be directly related to load though.

I have rebooted the router and will be watching it further.

I've had several wireless slowdowns/reboots but no system crashes. I just updated to RC3 hopefully it helps. So my question to the group - has anyone successfully installed WireGuard? I tried following a guide and it crashed, killing my internet connection and requiring a new firmware flash. Anyone have luck installing a VPN? if so, which guide did you follow and which binaries were installed? Thanks

The problem seems to go away after disabling offloads in the driver:

ethtool -K eth0 tso off gso off gro off rx off tx off txvlan off hw-tc-offload off

This seems to be a general filogic based issue rather than specific to this board, the above workaround has been found in another thread about another filogic based device.

Mmm, slowdowns is indeed something that i noticed now and then. It solves itself after a while, but maybe something to try.



Is that command one time change until reboot? Or fixed?

One time until reboot.