Support for Cudy WR3000

I strongly recommend you not to keep the current settings when you are asked if you want to do that, when updating.
I had a bootloop issues with mine WR3000 working as Dumb AP while I was trying to migrate from Snapshot with kernel 6.1 to Snapshot 6.6. Also the network was not stable.
Today installed the latest snapshot and everything is perfect... for now - at least no bootloop.
I suspect that I archived my settings with wpad full and then I didn't changed the wpad basic to full while I was trying to upgrade.
I hope this can help.

Cudy posted intermediate firmwares for most models:

Download OpenWRT Firmware to Remove Signature Check: Drive

Thank you to vargalex for already update the wiki pages.

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it seems like the newest snapshot is broken for my cudy ax3000, everytime i try to flash it, it just doesn't let me use webUI and even ssh(practically bricking it), thankfully i can recover the OEM image but still kinda weird, i hope it's not me or just my device?

This happened also to me today. I was building the firmware of latest trunk with imagebuilder for wr3000 and I got it bricked. I had to recover, and flash it also with OEM openwrt image

My intention of the new image build is to test if wpad-wolfssl or wpad would be more stable than wpad-mbedtls with the issues I commented in some past posts, also by removing dawn and some packages that I was including.

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I also have issues with Cudy as WDS Dumb AP after March's snapshots (actually after 6.6 kernel). Well I only tested it with Monday's snapshot, as I was having bootloop issues, because of keeping old config.I was plannig to test exactly the same - replacing the default wpad. Please share the results afterwards. I only have bridger and irqbalance installed on the Cudy.

I couldn't use the last snapshot, I have ping to but no GUI, no SSH or telnet to the router, seems bricked. I couldn't check using TTL serial console yet. I installed the last snapshot using the OEM openwrt without keeping old config. I'll test it again in some weeks when I have time.


The latest snapshot is/was broken, the commit is getting reverted soon

I will try the 23.05.3 but this time without any custom change I made using the image builder, in order to check the stability and to try to find out and isolate the issue.

If this works and it's stable, it is maybe some customization i'm making. Every firmware upgrade I did in the past was without saving config and I was using this router as a AP only.

The main custom change to the image I did in the past that may be related to the issue are:

  1. Changed to wpad-mbedtls from wpad-basic-mbedtls (to have the option of wlan roaming with 802.11k, 208.11v required by dawn)
  2. Installed dawn
  3. Installed mwan3 (but disabled)