Support for Comfast CF-EF72

Is there a compiled binary available for the CF-EW72?

I'd like to know this as well!

Wiki page doesn't help much. Seems to say it's supported in latest snapshot, but no information on what to do from there:

Edit: Perhaps this is the right one?:

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Wiki page links to Data entry. Entry has this link:;a=commit;h=7daab6286110b95167e291409395494f18edc9dc.

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Have you tried installing the .BIN?

I'm an OpenWRT Novice. Does this need to be built? Are there directions for building?

No. The git commit contains the instructions on how to flash your device. Since support was added only a few months ago it means you'll need to install a master build though, and those do not have a web interface by default. So you can flash the image, log in through SSH, and run:

# opkg update
# opkg install luci

The wiki page wasn't too helpful since it wasn't linking to the available OpenWrt snapshot binaries; I've amended the section.

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