Support for Asus RT-N12+ B1

Hi, what openwrt build should I use for this router (ASUS RT-N12+ B1)?

I tried RT-N12P, but it doesn't boot if I flash it, and I have to recover it. (kind of expected given that it's MT7620, and my is MT7628NN).

I can flash Padavan (RT-N11P B1), but I don't want it, I want OpenWrt. I don't care about LuCI, CLI use only.

WikiDevi Page:

I don't see the +B1 in the Table of Hardware. I do see the B1; but the chip you noted is not the one installed in the B1.[Model*~]=RT-N12

Indeed, it is nowhere to be found, but I have verified it is correct.

Verified what is correct?

If it's not listed in the Table of Hardware, it's not supported. You would have to be willing to port it.

Hi, I have the same router as OP, and i found that has the same hw. Is it safe to try and flash WR841n image?

NO! Do not do that EVER!