Support for Asus RP-AC56

Is it possible to install LEDE on Asus RP-AC56 ? It''s not in the list of supported hardware, but given the specs I think that it could be supported.

@tmomas: what do you mean, I can't find a reference to LEDE or OpenWRT on that page. Only a reference to the ASUS RT-N56U B1, but there are some differences, like the spec of the flash.

The specifications suggest that it should be supportable (assuming no funny business like signed firmware headers), but it will still require someone (e.g. you) to do the busy work of finding out how (flash partitioning, firmware format, dts, device_packages, install procedure). That said, 64 MB RAM is a bit low spec considering the price, sufficient, but not a whole lot (e.g. D-Link DIR-860L B1 or xiaomi mi 3g offer twice the RAM for the same or even less money; I realize that the special form factor of the Asus RP-AC56 might appeal to you though).

You mentioned "given the specs", but you didn't deliver any specs.
That's why I delivered the specs you were talking about.

Actually, the ASUS RP-AC56 with stock firmware has stability issues with the 2.4 GHz band. ASUS however seems to have abandoned development for the device so there's no hope for a fix.

I thought that it might be possible to just install OpenWRT, DD-WRT or similar so that I could use it as access point.

Hacking this device does not sound attractive to me anymore (done that too many times).

Thanks for the info

I'd assume mt7621 devices to be relatively easy to support, compared to non-DTS or less uniform targets, but you'd still have to spend a ~weekend on the opened device and the serial console attached.

Adding support for a new device rarely compares to inserting a floppy and running setup.exe/ make && make install.

Ok, maybe if I can find some time I''ll see what I can do.

For anyone who is still interested: here is a pull request to add RP-AC56 support 1934
There are two options to flash OpenWrt: you could either use stock firmware update mechanism or a factory recovery.
For factory recovery press and hold "reset" button while powering it on until power light turns orange. Push sysupgade firmware (or factory firmware if you wish to restore it) using tftp in binary mode to the server @

I am interested in trying this firmware. Is the factory recovery mechanism of the RP-AC56 untouched by OpenWRT, or is there possibility that it can be bricked?

Bootloader is untouched so factory recovery mechanism: push FW to tftp server @ should work

Any updates on OpenWRT/LEDE? I would like to have a better firmware as well!

I guess somebody has to build and try amodak's branch with fixes for RP-AC56:

If it works then it could be made public.

Sorry, lost my password. Moving RP-AC56 patches to my current account

Why has this been given up? Did it not work well? Does it make sense to try and port the above changes into recent openwrt?