Support for Archer C9 HW ver 5.0


I have TP-Link Archer C9 HW ver 5.0.
In openwrt there is no support for this HW revision, but there is support for HW ver 1.0
The differecnce is not so big.

wikidev TP-LINK Archer C9 v1
wikidev TP-LINK Archer C9 v5

Downloaded openwrt-18.06.0-bcm53xx-tplink-archer-c9-v1-squashfs.bin
But firmware WEB interface upgrade tells that wrong file type.
TFTP doesn't works too.

But I have UART console root access.
So, I made backup from all /proc/mtd

And now try:
mtd write /tmp/openwrt-18.06.0-bcm53xx-tplink-archer-c9-v1-squashfs.bin rootfs

Could not open mtd device: rootfs
Can't open device for writing!

mtd unlock /dev/mtd3

Could not open mtd device: /dev/mtd3
Could not open mtd device: /dev/mtd3

Please, help me to install OpenWRT on this device.

As I understand, it should works but witout WiFi or LAN drivers - it will be my next issue.

P.S. Also have acces to CFE loader. May be install through CFE bootloader?

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Just to make sure that you're aware of this, BCM4360 (both of your wlan cards) has only very basic support in b43, this means 54 MBit/s (802.11g) at most.

Thank You!

I understand about WiFi module, after installing OpenWRT I will try to install DD-WRT up on it.
DD-WRT has proprietary driver from broadcom.
But there is DD-WRT archer-c9v4-webflash.bin only for C9 HW ver. 4
And original TPL-Link WEB UI tells: Invalid file type.

So, I have access to CFE and have root access to original firmware that has mtd tool.

Please, help me to install it.

P.S. HW ver. 4 and ver. 5 are identical.

Could you dump your cfe of 5.0 verion for me ? Because my c9 was earsed cfe by myself and it has been brick for a long time. could you help me ?

I hope openwrt support to Archer c9 v5.

No, OpenWRT has no support of TP-Link Archer c9 v5

With which git-commit has OpenWrt support been added for v5?

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I'm sorry, I confused C9 and C7.

Do you router that is supported in open wrt? I do. I'm going to build firmware it from the source files of open wrt. We could do it together. Let me know.