Support for AirTight Networks SS-300-AT-C-60


I'm completely new here and would like to know if there is a chance there will be one day support for AirTight Networks SS-300-AT-C-60 ?

Other models are supported... but this one seems not to be supported.
Is there a specific reason?


is it the same as ?

Sure, no one bothered, it'd be up to you, you're the guy with the device on your desk..

It is not the same brand.
How can I make sure it is the same hardware or not ?

Where to start to do it myself ?


Open it up, or find it on

And once you know what's inside it an overview of the device bring up process is in the wiki

.... unless it's Broadcom based, then it's a no go, the wireless will be crippled, at best.

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qualcomm ...

Ok... thanks for the link with hardware.

What is next now ?

identify the serial console, see if you can interact with it.

I do have access to the serial. I did a factory reset and I can login with the default login/password

What is next now ? Thanks

you probably want to post the whole boot log, output of lspci, and cat /proc/mtd.

interrupting u-boot, and posting printenv and help, won't hurt.