Support for 802.11k in OpenWrt 21.02

I am going to run an experiment with two raspberry pie 4 devices. One node is going to work as an access point (AP) and the second node will be working as a client. My goal is to experiment with 802.11K features and get the AP to request and receive 802.11k neighbor and beacon reports from the client.

I have seen from earlier posts here that 802.11K is not fully supported in the earlier stable OpenWrt version (19.07). Instead, it seemed like 802.11k was only available in the master branch.
From this post: 802.11k & 802.11V OpenWrt 19.07.7?, it seems like 802.11k would be supported in the next stable OpenWrt version (i.e 21.02), is this the case?

It also seems according to the table of hardware that Raspberry Pi 4 supports the last stable version 19.07 as well as snapshots. Does this mean that version 21.02 is included and supported by RP4?

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FYI 21.02 RC1 may be found here: