Support for 23.xx.x for the Engenius EAP1300

I have one of these and have been running OpenWRT on it for a while. In a recent issue, I started upgrading and noticed that there was no support for the EAP1300 for the 23.x series. Any way I could help support this being moved forward? I searched and couldn't find any info on why it was dropped. I can test. I suppose I could open it up and hook up a serial port for doing porting work, but this is a production system for me.

If it's not going to be moved forward, is there another ceiling mount router that would work? I found the TP-Link EAP225, but the V5 version currently available is not supported. I think I could get a TP-Link EAP245 v3 still, and I saw some indication that an EAP223 might work. Any other possibilities?



I've had my eye on the Zyxel NWA50AX Pro for a while, Wifi6, 3x3 + 2x2 MU-MIMO and a 2.5Gbps backhaul. $85 at amazon, and there's a non-Pro model with lower specs (ax1800, 2x2 and 1Gbps) for $70...

I've bought one, we'll see how it goes. I'll report here later.

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Did you bought the PRO or non-PRO one?

The Pro one.

Which should be a doable task, but needs someone with the device (and out-of-band access, ideally serial - but properly configured wlan access might suffice) to work on it.

If you can tell me what to do, I can try it. I'll pull down my EAP1300 soon, so I should be able to get access to the serial port. It is running OpenWRT right now.

The Zyxel NWA50AX Pro installed and came up without issue. I haven't done much testing on it. You need to read the instructions at

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The Zyxel NWA50AX Pro installed and came up without issue. I haven't done much testing on it. You need to read the instructions at

Just a note on this. I had a moderately long cat-6 run for gigabit on this, and the ethernet was bouncing occasionally, a few times an hour. The Engenius before it has no issues. I re-did the punchdowns and re-seated all the connectors and the problem went away. So the Zyxel may be more sensitive to a good cable. Other than that, it looks good.

slh, if you can tell me what to do, I have the router in hand, and I can solder on a serial connector. I looked around at the information on this and couldn't find any clear instructions about what to do.

Well, no, doing all that didn't help. It worked fine for a few hours, but started bouncing again. I'm not sure what the deal is, though. I'm pretty sure the cabling is good and the Engenious didn't have an issue.

It turns out someone else had the same issue with the Zyxel NWA50AX Pro, someone had a similar issue at ZyXEL NWA50AX Pro eth0 disconnecting and reconnecting periodically

I had actually already figured it out on my own, and I came up with the following script to put in /etc/hotplug.d/iface/15-eth-noautoneg

if [ "x${INTERFACE}" = "xlan" -a "x${ACTION}" = "xifup" ]; then
	# There is an issue on the Zyxel NWA50AX Pro where the eth0
	# link bounces if autonegotiation is turned on.  So turn it
	# off and set the parameters.

	# First turn autonegotiation off, then set the parameters.
	ethtool -s eth0 advertise 0x020 autoneg off
	# If you set the parameters in the previous command, it won't work.
	ethtool -s eth0 speed 1000 duplex full

Unfortunately the other topic is closed so I can't post it there. And in the script I had to split the ethtool calls, since the device wasn't already up it took two separate commands. At least it didn't work when I put them all in one command.

slh, I've looked at this a little. The EAP1300 doesn't have a switch, just two ethernet ports (only one is connected to a plug, the other is not connected) and the wireless hardware. Why would it need DSA?