Support Broadcom chipset?

Broadcom may acquire Qualcomm and if it succeed then it might stop Atheros open source development. The bad thing is openwrt/lede will not have good HW to use.

DD-WRT uses binary driver from brcm but it could have a lot of issues on kernel upgrade. Will openwrt/lede do the same to support brcm?

Since Qualcomm is bigger company than Broadcom more likely is that Qualcomm will acquire Broadcom

My concern is if it becomes real, what openwrt/lede community can do. Right now Atheros is very kind to the open source community.

Broadcom is acquired by Avago, do you think Avago still want same giant company ?

yes, it looks Avago is trying to catch big fish again.

It is crazy to continue acquire a company in the same industry. :slight_smile: