Support AIoT AC2350 Xiaomi?

Thank you mibrick, is the right suggestion, but it works only if enter custom DNS in LAN interface as well.

It works like a charm !!!

My vpn provider doesn't give DNS, so I filled :

WAN interface : and
LAN interface : 6,,

Now when I connect the VPN to a specific country I have one IP address and one DNS result on

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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It booted with simplified chinese as default language so that took me a minute to change back.
edit: I went back to the snapshot from the firmwareselector.. Seemed to me the wifispeed was slightly worse and the cpu usage higher.

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I have removed the lean default settings (I think this changed the language to Chinese)

I couldn't get over 150mbit on WiFi with the standard openwrt snapshot.

This build should have hardware NAT offloading and better MIMO WiFi

I get 290-330Mbit to my phone that isnt very top notch on the snapshot aslong as i enable software offloading in the firewallsettings.

maybe someone will make an installation video? we thank you..

Hi, after installing OpenWRT on my Xiaomi AC2350 router, both my tv-boxes can't connect to wi-fi. In system log it's stuck at DHCPDISCOVER DHCPOFFER without DHCPREQUEST. I use default setting. All other devices connect and work normally. Any suggestion?

I've nearly given up with solving this issue. Can you help me with restoring the factory firmware? How can I get it stripped as it said in the manuals? Thanks in advance.

Try to change this to ‘Disabled’ within the wifi settings.

I have also seen 802.11r cause some issues with Android TV 10 boxes.

If you still don't have any luck, try change the WiFi channels

I have retested and can confirm that speeds are great with the official snapshot if you enable NAT offloading.


I also confirm that.

Eisaev’s pull request are merged. Is that means the next release candidate will have the firmware or it will be stay in the snapshot forever?

it will be added in the release after 21 :slight_smile:

21 in what unit? :slight_smile:

Dual Wan possible?

Yes, with mwan3.

I have updated the wiki page and added a detailed de-bricking guide. I've also added some info about the Chinese variant. Can someone please test the debricking guide? Also, are there any hardware differences between the global and Chinese variants?

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When will be release?

no only color is white for china version hardware is the same/

thanks all for work - i just replaced my xiaomi 4a with this
i use 2.4 most of the time so this chipset is a lot better for 2.4
no issues at all on this snapshot for now !
waiting for it to be in official build :wink:

ps. only issue i had during configuration...
i wanted install luci and other packages i use. i connected wan of it to lan of my xiaomi4a working fine
and i had 10-15s of internet availible on this 2350 and 10-15s not. no pings etc not able to do opkg update b ecause it is longer than 10s so was holded in half every time !

i had to connect my ISP to wan of 2350 and configure ppoe over ssh to have internet
and only then i was able to install luci etc. no idea why it had issues of geting internet from 4a maybe because of both ip ? but i thought that wan of 2350 will recive from dhcp of my 4a and everything will be fine ?


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Hello, the 21.02.1 is out. but the firmware is still within the snapshots. could anyone know when will be official support fou our router?