Superior device changed IPV6 PD every 10 days

My home network topology is Modem - openwrt router - computer

Then the Modem issued the IPv6 PD

However, Modem will replace the PD every 10 days. At this time, openwrt will not replace the PD immediately, but will replace it after 12 hours(the end of DHCP time).
As a result, the computer's IPv6 cannot access the Internet during the 12 hours

At this time, you can only restart the router manually

Can I add a judgment on the openwrt router to detect that the PD issued by the superior device has been replaced and openwrt will be updated immediately

我家里的网络是拓扑是 光猫-openwrt路由器-电脑


cat << "EOF" > /etc/odhcp6c.user
/etc/init.d/odhcpd restart

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