Sunxi targets support

Hi all
I am currently using a Banana Pi as router with very good result. I see that there are some few more supported platform. The most interesting one are the H3 based (until LEDE use kernel version supporting H5 SoC). I see that there is and "orange pi plus" support, and in the wiki there is written it is a 1Gb SBC.
But the original orange pi plus has 512Mb of RAM, so I am wondering which is the correct board for this target. And also, there are now out some more H3 based SBC, it would be nice to have support also for them


I guess you are talking about Allwinner CPUs.

This is the OpenWRT wiki page that describes support for the various devices:

Here is a wiki with some more information on these various SoCs:

Notably, there is no Orange Pi Plus with 512 MB RAM. There is a Orange Pi One and Orange Pi Lite, which have a similar configuration as Orange Pi Plus, but only 512 MB RAM.

Maybe check what is it that you actually have?

But generally, if the device has the same hardware and SoC, it should work.