Suggestions on improving network for gaming? Maybe a vpn setup?


I have been having bad experience with gaming.
I have a tp-link archer c20 v4 with openwrt with simple hfsc gamer script with wifi disabled. And another xiaomi ax1800 just for wifi...
I dont have much bufferbloat. But still i face lags from time to time... just the other day i got shot behind the wall after 2 second...
I have tested my internet on dslreports and i get a+ bufferbloat all the time but recently my re-xmit has gone over 10%....

I heard a vpn might help me with this... if it does, i would like to know how should i approach setting up a vpn.

Also, i have tried changing sysctl.conf file to see if it helps, but i havent seen any difference...

Retransmits mean either packets got lost or corrupted (typically the first node detecting corruption by a checksum error will drop the packet, converting corruption into genuine loss), or more subtly: packets were re-ordered far enough so the receiving stack interprted it as packet loss. Pure delay will only cause retransmits if the packet stream suddenly gets delayed enough to trigger one of the software stacks timeout values, but at that point the pure delay/jitter will already make interactive uses hard to bear anyways.


I still doubt VPN would make latency better. It should always be faster to be routed directly to the server, than to pass by a secondary route. Only way I see it'd improve is if there's some bad router on the normal path and VPN pathing would circumvent that. But then, u must get it fixed.

Try using PingPlotter or some other route monitoring tool to find out where ur latency degrades.

Do u have other ISPs available?

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If speed/latency tests are fine and you get bad gaming performance in a single game its more likely a ISP routing issues you have little to no control over. We have a Apex gaming group all living in the same city and yet my buddies via a different provider randomly have 20-90% packet-loss in Apex even while plying together in the same game, yet the next game is fine for them at 0%.

A VPN or other "gaming" branded VPN's like Exitlag, try to solve this by providing "better" routing points. Yet if your first close 1-3 hops are the fault, those services can't do anything. So if you can get a free trial, just test different "cheap" VPN providers first and than the "gaming" VPN's like Exitlag, which are often more expansive. The reason why you want something cheap is that games don't need much traffic so speed/throughput is irrelevant and the routing/ping is kinda random in regards to solveing your issue.

You also want to pick different VPN entry points, start with closer and than move away from your location.

PS: Also check for VPN/Exitlag coupons on reddit and co, these services usually have massive discounts all year around 50-90%.


Unfortunately, ISP's routes follow the path of least cost (for them) typically and are neither guaranteed to be direct/short or uncongested. Case in point the incumbent in Germany has a policy to let its peerings to other T1-ISPs run way too hot, resulting in queueing delay/jitter and packet-loss at peak usage times to basically all servers that connect via transit from any other T1. In that case a VPN can help a lot even if it might increase the base RTT somewhat.

+1; except that "bad route" might not be accidental/bad from the ISP's point of view.

+1, but keep in mind, that one always should try to look at traceroute/mtr/pingplotter traces measured from both sides of a path (see this for help interpreting traceroutes).


It's lame if ISP has a better route available and forces to use a worse one. But still, backbones are expensive and some ISP may have better ones than others. It's not all that relevant if they have better routes and avoid using them or don't have them at all.

I had seem some ppl report that Telefk uses to route some packages to Spain to only then route them to destination, that damages a big lot the latency. But as far as we can tell it's a routing issue that needs to be fixed, not intended.

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Yes I have other isp available, I still have 3 month left on this. I will be changing it once it is done, I m searching for a solution to help me till then

What ISP connection technology do you have, you run a dsl test, do you have dsl?

What ISP speed are you supposed to have?

Has the fault been for ever or has it started suddenly?

Is the problem often and irregular or “sometimes” but with about the same time in between? For example does it happen every time the WAN or LAN IP address us renewed?

Is it the same if you are connected with ethernet cable or wifi?

i have 30/30 mbps fiber which i have limited to 22/22 for the script....

the fault was there before too but it was at 2-5%, now the re-xmit value crosses 10% everytime.

the lag feeling was always there but its getting worse recently, it can happen almost anytime...

yes, i get same % re-xmit value on cable as well...

Can you remind me again, where you are located and how far away the measurement servers are you are measuring the rx-transmit percentage against, please?

I m from nepal, the cloest server i can test on dslreports in singapore which is around 70-80 ms...

I re-xmit is way low on other isps around me, seems its only my isp which has it bad

Which is already a lot, compared to the 20-40 ms many people see to their closest CDNs...

That could indicate an overloaded link that has to drop lots of packets fro the remote side towards you, which hence need to be retransmitted.

If you can change ISP easily that might be the best way forward...

I can change my isp, but i still have 3 more months left on this one and they wont refund... so that's why i am searching for an alternative right now...

I have like 4 other ISPs available, should i consider the one with ipv6(only one has it)?

IPv6 should be standard by now (sadly it isn't everywhere), but an ISP that shows the basic competence to offer IPv6 support, might have a better grasp on their network in other areas as well - at the end of the day, you'd need to ask for experiences locally.

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Hello mozy you can use Nolagvpn but only cod warzone work with Openwrt very well

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