Suggestions for router more powerful than R7800 and WRT32x devices

Could anyone please suggest a router with the same or higher specs as a Netgear R7800 or Linksys WRT 32x, that is compact (not a desktop computer), has fast multi core CPU capable of handling 2 VPNs with TLS at a throughput of 100Mbit/s, at least 512GB RAM, at least 256GB flash, WiFi, at least 4 port Gigabit Switch, 1 Gigabit WAN, 2 or more USB 3.0 or higher, with a cost below 150 Euros/140 Pounds, that is supported fully by OpenWRT 23.05 and that it is available to purchase officially (no parallel imports) anywhere in the UK or the European Union?

Why officially? Because it will have a warranty and because it is likely that it will become popular and thus it will not only attract more support but also a healthy 2nd hand market.

I recently bought this router

Bought on amazon and set me back slightly over E 100

But it has only one USB 3.0 port

Thank you. I could live with only one USB 3.0, but this isn't available on Amazon UK or IT, I can see it is available as a parallel import from the US on eBay, so the price is inflated and there is no warranty for a new item.

I bought it from Amazon US (as a lot of other users I know of ) I had no problem with that.

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I understand. However I have principles that I follow, and if the manufacturer does not bother to distribute the product in Europe and comply with European consumers' and workers' rights, and environmental protection rules, then I do not bother to consider the product.

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that's a good approach, the WRX36 was however available on Amazon DE earlier this year, I bought two units back then. My guess it's simply EOLed in EU.

Not a direct recommendation, but i'd personally always go with AX capable devices. And as it happens, the ToH for supported devices with AX support is only 50 items long at the moment. So there's not much to pick from.

What do you need the flash and the RAM for? That limits the list to 8 devices, most of them unavailable at every amazon shop in the EU.

Considering your high CPU performance requirements (running a couple VPN's), a component approach may fit your needs better? Just something to think about. Separating your router and AP avoids WiFi, VPN's, routing, etc. all competing for attention from the same CPU on an all-in-one device.

I have been quite happy with a NanoPi R4S (4GB memory with metal case, no unique MAC address and an SD card for plenty of "flash" space - which also is used to generate a MAC address unique to the flash card) as my main router, with a Reyee RG E5 and RT3200 as dumb AP's - one on each floor of our home. In your case, it sounds like you only need one AP.

The NanoPi R4S is very compact and has a hex core big-little CPU (2 A72 and 4 A53 ARM cores), 2 USB 3.0 ports and two Ethernet ports for WAN and LAN. After you connect an all-in-one for your WiFi AP, the all-in-one provides the additional Ethernet ports you desire.

Your budget may be an issue, but with a bit of shopping and willingness to pick up a used AP you can probably come in near your budget.