Suggestions for a new home modem router (WiFi + Gigabit Ethernet)


I am undecided on which router to buy to build my home network.
Here are my requirements:

  • About the internet speed, I guess I could reach 1 Gbps with the Fiber (ATM I am reaching 70-100mbps with the FTTC on a Asus DSL-AC55U modem router);
  • I have a small homemade server with DDNS, a small NAS, I regularly use video streaming services in 4K and play online games (not very expert mode though);
  • I would like to use "Guest networks" (Virtual AP's);
  • WiFi bandwidth limiter and general bandwidth limiter per client (not sure OpenWRT supports those);
  • I might reach the point of having up to 3/4 devices on WiFi and 3 devices via Ethernet;
  • The modem has to be compatible with VDSL2 , ADSL2/2+ , ADSL;
  • About the budget: $130 at maximum.

Looking forward to seeing you seggestions!

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