Suggestion what is wan/lan for a 2 port device

I am trying to create a useful default for the network on this device that I have now running with the latest OpenWRT master:

This device is basically an AP with an additional Ethernet port for wired connections (user facing).

Now my first thought was to make the inaccessible port WAN as it will be used as the uplink and the user port LAN. But this means that the LuCI interface is accessible on the LAN port to the user and not via the WAN that would probably be more likely to be used to configure the device.

Is there some OpenWRT philosophy that could help me decide which port should be WAN/LAN ?

In some cases the OEM firmware provides some hints about this (e.g. explicitly calling one of the ports as uplink/ backhaul, maybe even WAN link), but in the absence of those, I'd agree with that reasoning.


as poe is via the rear/in-wall... and alot of users will likely use as just an ap with additional switchport ( manually configured )... i'd be favouring the in-wall port as lan... ( unless as slh says there is some OEM hints / existing definitions )...

what side is the reset button if there is one? do these things have 240v/120v inputs or are they only poe? is there a tftp recovery that only works on one side?


@anon50098793 The device is powered via PoE (back port) only. Reset switch is on the "user side" under an easy to remove cover. Serial connection is on the same side, but needs to be soldered on and needs removal of a harder to remove cover.
TFTP recovery is via PoE port (back) only in u-boot

ok cool... tricky one... but yeah... rear based on the tftp thing... flip a coin though... they'll let you know when you do the PR anyhow... so I wouldn't sweat it too much...

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If it has some kinda circuit breaker, that must be the port plugged in first. Just be mindful of this if that device possesses this technology.

My experience with a device with a PoE circuit breaker: [Solved] PoE WAN on eth1 looses IP when disconnecting eth0 - IXP425

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@polystera I have also bought the device, and I have three main issues:

  1. It restarts once a day randomly
  2. Time settings sometimes do not match with the specified timezone
  3. I cannot change the level of security of the wireless networks

¿Did you face those issues? ¿Which version of OpenWRT did you install on it?


I am using this firmware on the device. To be honest, I have not used the device in in production, yet as I wanted to get OpenWRT on it first.