Suggestion to create an Introductions category

Hey guys,

Just a suggestion from a mailing list lurker that you create a category for new people to introduce themselves. Could be a good way to encourage participation by those who have some development skill but are not confident or familiar enough to join the LEDE group. Each introduction becomes a topic under the Introductions category. The individual topic threads are an opportunity to talk about how they can participate. All voluntary of course.

Hope all is well,


Hi Donald,

I have to admit that would be a rather unusual thing in my opinion... I kind of like the idea but always presumed that most contributors are too shy :slight_smile:

Lets see what the others say...

Though I have seen several forums where this type of topic exists, I have personally refrained from posting to it and usually don't read it. I find that filing in one's profile information can be used to convey this type of information to the community if desired.

I guess I was just thinking more about encouraging growth of the developer group not so much how one completes their profile. Its easy to subscribe to the mailing list and signup to the forum. Not so easy to become involved. Well IMO.