Suggestion for reworked download page

I've created a suggestion for a reworked download page:


  • I would say the download page is the most important page of But it is currently rather cluttered and overwhelming especially for newbees and not that helpful both for newbees and experts.
  • The old page was incorrectly favoring the "downloads by processor type", leading people the wrong way, as most people rather need the download by device name.
  • The old page was cluttered with lengthy explanation, e.g. what customization is in details, while all you need at this point is just really short precise links to the different customization options. There are sufficient existing pages behind the existing links that already have enough details, there should not be additional summaries of a summary of a page on the download page.
  • I think the "how to mirror" should be on a separate page. It's perfectly ok to link it, but you do not need to bother downloaders with instructions, how to mirror the site
  • The old download link for the software packages filenames seems inappropriate as is. It's not the correct way, instead a separate page already exists that simply needed a link
  • The previous releases have been missing so far on the download page (I know that an outdated page at the moment, but in the meantime lets just link the old page, until a new page is available)
  • The previous build bots report link section should rather be in the developer firmware download section.
  • The old table boxes for some of the download links get squeezed on narrow mobile phone displays and stretched out unlimited on widescreen displays, making it no good choice for readability.