Suggestion for new build for Orange Pi R1

Above thread has been closed but it is not solved. I request the devs to create a new img for Orange Pi R1.

It has an H3 chip, a debug uart, a 13 pin header as well as 26pin header with 2 UARTs as given in manual. I request the devs to by default give an output to UART1 on the 26pin header. Currently, no prompt is received on it.

Thanks in advance.

Here's the commit that added support for Orange Pi R1. @hauke added support for it, which is probably why he was tagged about the serial issue.

That's not really how it works, OpenWrt consists of volunteers and if no-one is willing to put in time and effort themselves because they're interested in adding support for this new hardware iteration of the R1 (as I understand it at least) then you yourself have to do it.

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What is the default output pin?

As you understand, there is no usb or hdmi port in Orange Pi R1.

I have worked at Hyperbola OS in past and as you're aware linux is a gigantic piece of code to understand itself. Output to UART will be understood very well by current devs of OpenWRT who work with kernel.

Come on man! I've been saying this for a while now. Changing default output to those pins UART is not a huge ask!

I have no personal experience with developing in the core OpenWrt system (I've done some developing in LuCI tho but that's an entirely different wheelhouse in terms of tech stack) so I can't say unfortunately.