Suggestion for Mesh-Devices


Im looking for a replacment of my two DIR-825 devices, since the flash is too small for B.A.T.M.A.N. Mesh.
Of course, an upgrade to AC/AX would really be nice. Since i have randomly no Wifi in my kitchen, i came over with the idea with mesh.
But i'm not sure witch device i should use...

My current findings in the TOH are the

Both should be more than enough of memory/flash for my needs (and Belkin has as benefit is AX)
Currently i plan for two of these devices (and later another - one if needed).

Are there any suggestions for alternative hardware which has a good range/throughput on wifi?

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I would skip the Archer c2600 in favour of the more modern ipq8065+qca9984 based Netgear r7800, ZyXEL NBG6817 or Askey RAC2V1K / RT4230W REV6, especially with meshing in mind (the ipq8064+qca9980 in the c2600 is an early wave2 chipset, which hasn't seen much love from QCA).

…or take the risk and opportunity of the rt3200.

Thank you for your (really) fast response. Both, Netgear and ZyXEL, are not im my planned budget per device (<=150€). For the Askey am not sure where to find this device for the european (german) market.

Edit: found this ^^

The Askey is only available second hand in the US, but if you are located in North America it's extremely cheap (starting around ~20 USD, sadly shipping costs and customs fun (missing ETSI/ CE certification) spoil the idea to import them to the EU).

Alternatives might involve ipq4019 (only viable if you don't need wired VLANs) or mt7621a+mt7915e or mt7621a+mt7915e, both cheaper and lower end, but for wireless satellites especially the former (tri-band specimens in particular) can showcase their abilities.

Disclaimer: I have no personal experience with Mediatek wireless and neither with the various meshing protocols and their quirks altogether.

The RT3200 has a such a chip... so and it seems that (even with snapshots) most things working... maybe i should ask O_o for the state with the current snapshots...