Suggestion for High Speed Wifi

Hello Folks,
I am searching for an alternative for my TP Link Archer C7 routers. At the moment my home is running with the following setup:

  • Fritzbox to manage vDSL Connect/telephone
  • two Archer C7 router as mesh network

My network is mainly based on Wifi as I dont want to install additional cables on this rented flat. So In my view a good Wifi connection can made it. (please correct me if I am wrong)

Fritzbox will connect via cable to my core router which will connect my APs. The core will provide serveral services on the network....

  • personal Wifi for work / personal / IOT / Lab
  • Radius Server
  • ...

All in all I feel alright with the Archer ones nevertheless I run out of space over the time.... so I need to either outsource some things to my usb drive which stores my PXE tools ect. Otherwise it could be also the right point in time to upgrade the Wifi to enpower booting times ect. As my core is based in the kitchen and my AP for my workstation is based at the other end of the flat. Maybe this could also speed up access for my dev workstation as well as for the NAS ect.

In the end if you would say copper or fiber is the right way I would also feel good to do the cable job.

thanks in advance to all of you!


In my experience, you can’t beat a hardwired connection. But, i have had stable connections before using dual band routers and dedicating the 5ghz band to backhaul. As long you have very good signal between the two units! I would recommend having a device dedicated to routing and other services youre running.