Suddenly router will not save anything?

I did a failsafe reboot today trying to clear my router and start over.
After I did this, I cannnot get the router to remember anything. Anytime I reboot it will be back at square one. Even the admin password is cleared.

Any ideas?

What should I do?

which router? Did it save things earlier?

how did you clear the router? "failsafe" is just the name for the maintenance mode, but does it not mean any clearing of settings by itself. Did you run the "firstboot" command?

Typically the reason for not saving any settings is that you have no writable overlay partition. Either the flash is so full that after reboot there are not enough free blocks in the writable partition (usually some 4 blocks of 64 kB is needed by the minimum), so that the overlay does not get mounted and you are left with just a ramdisk.

Check your system log for that kind of errors.

Read e.g. this for advice:

put the router in failsafe mode
umount /overlay && firstboot && reboot

Can I just reflash from the luci firmware page?

df shows
/dev/root used 2304 avalable 0
tmpfs used 0 avail 512
tmpfs used 24 avail 62796

does this help?

You should be able to run "firstboot" right from a normally running router. No need for failsafe

You should be able to do that, but you should not save settings in the flash. (in case the settings are the problem)

Ok, doing firstboot while not in failsafe seems to have fixed things. I can now reboot the router and the admin password is still working. Thanks