Sudden BluRay connectivity issue to NAS

Hello fellow enthusiasts, my networking knowledge is limited so I'm in need of some assistance troubleshooting a recent development regarding my BluRay player. It's an old unit from Samsung. It's narrowly limited notion of network connectivity is Simple Folder Sharing from waaaaaaay back with Windows XP. Thus, it can presently see my Windows Share on the network when performing an AUTO search but does not see my Synology NAS which is where all our media is located on our network.

Samsung BD-P3600 has latest firmware, has been reset, has been re-setup, all to no avail. Several months ago it was able to connect to the NAS manually using a fixed IP, login, password, and Shared folder name all entered via the BluRay remote.

TIA, tocguy

What does this have to do with OpenWrt?

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The symptom was noticed at about the time that I updated OpenWRT and thinking that I'd exhausted other possibilities I had better look here as well. Yes, it's a stretch especially since the BluRay can see the PC on the network but not the NAS. It's a head-scratcher to me but then I'm not nearly as versed on the technical side of networking as are many others here so, thought I'd better ask.

It is unlikely that OpenWrt has anything to do with it directly, but maybe you can give us other information... for example, are the devices in question wired or wireless (if a mix, be specific)? Can you connect to the NAS from another computer? Has the address of the NAS changed?

On OpenWrt, did you change anything from the defaults (aside from enabling wifi and setting a wifi SSID name and password)?

What was the previous network configuration? Do you still have your old router? does putting it in place fix the issue? (or if it is the same physical device, does rolling back to the old firmware have any impact?)

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As it is an old device it likely doesn't support modern cifs / smb authentication. You may be able to connect to the NAS if the nas supports dropping back to smb1 or even ntlm.

Using old smb protocols is generally bad idea though - they are obsolete for very serious security reasons.

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Blu-Ray uses wired connection.
Blu-Ray is the only device that CANNOT connect to the NAS. Have swapped Blu-Ray's CAT-5 cable with known good but the Blu-Ray can see the PC's Shared folder anyway so the cable integrity wasn't really doubtful anyway. Also, a direct connection between Blu-Ray and NAS (router bypassed) also did not correct the connection.

Reducing the NAS' SMB level to 1 did not fix the issue.

So, given all this and the TS-ing with the NAS' OEM that preceded this I conclude that the issue resides within the Blu-Ray. Sigh...time to replace the unit but the research I've done on new players I find that even the Blu-Ray OEMs provide almost NO useful info about their units on their sites and the bulk of sites that promote Reviews are just marketing fronts. They too provide close to no useful info about the features list and many of them contain the exact same text!