Successful cron job shows as an error in logread ... bug?

I have cron run a script to call out to my ddns provider. The script ends in error code 0 but I see an entry in logread indicating an error. Is this a bug?

# logread -e ddns   
Wed Oct  5 14:00:00 2022 cron.err crond[1380]: USER root pid 8691 cmd /mnt/mmcblk0p3/bin/

Looks normal.

Wed Oct  5 06:05:00 2022 cron.err crond[2394]: USER root pid 11257 cmd /etc/init.d/adblock reload
Wed Oct  5 06:05:01 2022 adblock-4.1.4[11320]: adblock instance started ::: action: reload, priority: 0, pid: 11320


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Seems like a successfully executed command should not get an error status. It should get info.

See Cron.err - why? and Periodic temp readings from collectd to log files - #18 by takimata