Submitting patches

Regarding submitting patches I want to ask which is the best place to do that, do a Pull Request on Github or submit a patch through patchwork?

In de documentation it says that it’s recommended to use the following with patchwork: git send-email

I don’t completely understand how to use ‘git send-email’ can anyone help me providing an example?

Thanks in advance.

You can use Github and make a PR.

What I understood was for new devices or drivers which change mainline kernel go with git email-to. Packages or Openwrt/LEDE specific changes can go through PR


A git send-email howto

I would recommend to use git send-email
Please check if your setup is working correctly with sending the patchset to yourself.
And don't forget the
Signed-off-by: Your Name

Thanks all for your quick reply I will to look into the documentation to send the email with git.

For now I already did a PR for both a change and kernel update.

Either is fine, most feedback seems to be on Github in general however so I would recommend that route.